Our Technology

GPS Tracking and Monitoring 

All of our fleet is fitted with GPS tracking and is monitored 24 hours 7 days a week.

The purpose of this monitoring allows us to effectively monitor, not only driver locations and work compliance, but also speed compliance and fridge van temperatures.


 In-Vehicle Dash Cams 

Our Company has invested largely in the philosophy that "proactive" achieves greater results than being "reactive". With this in mind, in early 2017 we teamed up with IVCS who specialise in vehicle dash-cams, more notably DRIVECAM. This system provides us with internal and external footage which is captured in the event of an on-road incident taking place. The DRIVECAM system also allows us to review triggered events and coach drivers on their driving behaviour, allowing us to actively promote safer driving practices.



It was a busy year in 2017, with our company heavily investing in a number of systems to not only improves Safety for drivers and overall Compliance throughout the company, but to also streamline overall business processes. Mid 2017 Damorange made a decision to move to a new transport management system provider; CMS Transport Systems with their Freight2020 system.

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